The Eclipse DAO fund

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This concept is a work in progress and will be fine tuned and edited.

The idea of the Eclipse DAO fund is to provide value for the Juno and Cosmos communities who do not have the ability to participate in IDO launches. Users willing to participate in the DAO fund will delegate and lock their JUNO. (other assets such as OSMO and ATOM will be added later) In return, users will receive ECLIPJUNO, and the yield from the locked asset will then be used to participate in IDOs on Eclipse Pad.

Eclipse Pad will provide a set allocation per launch for this fund, and in return take a fee that will be streamed into the Eclipse Rewards pool. (This is for the benefit of exposure to IDOs without the need to participate in tiers) Any overflow of yield not used in the IDOs will be streamed back to the users. A DAO will be set up on DAODAO and will be controlled by the community and DAO members will be able to vote on the parameters of this fund. A stableswap ECLIPJUNO-JUNO pool will be created and incentivised on a dex, allowing users wanting to go from ECLIPJUNO to JUNO.

More details to come soon

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