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The Eclipse accelerator is a key piece of the whole equation. Launching great projects on the pad is one thing, it is even better when projects are supported and accelerated to go from good, to great. There are many great builders and founders out there who just need the right support, guidance, and contacts to go to the next level.

The Eclipse accelerator will help builders with all the needed pieces for success, including: raising capital from investors, building their team, crafting their story, marketing to their audience, getting the right backers, and launching successfully on Eclipse.

A track for success

Inside the Cosmos ecosystem, there is a lot of great developer talent aswell as some founders with strong potential. But building a chain or a dapp is very hard, it's not just about having good code, a great idea or tech, there is so many more pieces to it all.

Where do these founders go to get the support they need to scale their idea, get mentorship, contacts and a launch track for success?

For Eclipse Pad as a launchpad, everything boils down to launching high-quality projects which are primed for success. The Eclipse accelerator enables the possibility to prepare more projects for success before they launch on the pad.

The Eclipse accelerator will take a certain number of projects in cohorts that already have a decent product in development and guide and support them through all the different steps from where they are until their launch on Eclipse. This involves:

  • Looking at and reworking the tokenomics, revenue model, business model.

  • Fundraising help from VCs, introductions, pitch and deck help.

  • Introductions and bringing key advisors, backers and angels that will add value to the projects.

  • Team building: Will look at the team structure and assess leadership, and match the right talent with projects for them to succeed. We will incubate talent inside our community including moderators, designers and marketers (we can bring and incubate some talent in from Web2) We also have partnerships with many dev shops such as web3 builders alliance which will help to match dev talent.

  • Narrative, story building and high level marketing strategy, as well as go-to-market and building up their userbase. (marketing is a big value add in the accelerator). As well as journalists and pr partners.

  • Help with design, templates, UI UX and visuals, to set up consistency and branding from day one, have an expert team of designers and branding experts.

  • Tech, validator and blockchain support, especially if a chain. Line up the right validators for genesis and help with the tools to set up the chain efficiently and successfully. This goes for helping Web2 projects looking to build and transition to Web3 as well.

  • Legal help, including entities and assessing the model including risks.

  • General mentorship and guidance for founders.

The accelerator program will take a little bit of time to set up fully and will consist of building an avengers ensemble of players, mentors, and teams that have vast experience and proven track records in their respective industries.

Bringing in the right players to partner on this program will allow us to build this up much faster and create a structure where the value is shared across the pipeline. This is superior than building up every piece from scratch

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