🎈Deflationary Model

At Eclipse Pad we understand the value of short-term, not just long-term ecosystem value capture which is the reason for building the rewards pool, but the shorter-term value capture is also important. This is why we have implemented a deflationary token model on Eclipse Pad.

A portion of the fees collected across the platform will automatically go towards $ECLIP token buybacks. A portion of these tokens will then be burnt, taking them out of circulation permanently. The rest will go towards boosting the token distributions for staking.

Buyback and Burn

The buyback and burn deflationary tokenomics will be an automatic process. The fees collected for the deflationary allocation (see Fees & Royalties) will be collected in a smart contract which automatically purchases back $ECLIP tokens. 25% of this bought back amount will be automatically burned and taken out of circulation.

The remainder of 75% of the bought back $ECLIP tokens will be distributed into the staking pool and used to bolster staking rewards.

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