Cross-chain Participation

We have integrated 0xSquid into the Eclipse Pad platform for easy cross-chain participation with any asset. 0xSquid is powered by the Axelar network and enables Eclipse Pad to offer seamless $ECLIP token purchasing and IDO participation using multiple cross-chain assets. The flow will allow the connection of a cross-chain wallet at one end and a Cosmos wallet at the other, major assets will be able to be bridged and swapped directly with one simple click. Simply connect your wallet, select the asset and chain you want to participate from and confirm the transaction. The swap takes around 15 seconds from most chains. An in-depth guide can be found at Cross-chain onboarding.

Squid is also developing capabilities for centralised exchange depositing, where users will be able to participate easily from an exchange.

Looking further into the future, Eclipse Pad has already built out the codebase for multiple cross-chain ecosystems and languages such as Rust and EVM. Codebases for Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance chain. If need be, this will enable execution of IDO purchasing and transactions on cross-chain platforms, and without users needing to change wallets.

This will open doors to launch cross-chain projects in the future and become a multichain platform.

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