Eclipse for Investors

If we were to summarise it quickly; launchpads enable earlier and more premium access to public investors to participate in rounds, enabling everyday users more opportunities to participate closer to how a VC does.

It also carries the brunt of research, vetting, and dealflow sourcing.

Heavy research is performed to ensure the quality and sustainability of launching projects. A big chunk of the research can be done on behalf of the user. As well as getting access to better deals.

Think of it a bit like a group bulk purchase, if more users come together, they can negotiate better deals. It's no different here, but the pad sources and negotiates the deals on behalf of the community. Here are some of the benefits that Eclipse Pad can bring to investors:

  • Strong project research and vetting

  • Earlier investing access to some sourced top-tier projects

  • Long-term stakers can benefit from past platform successes and launches

  • Access to a strong and likeminded investing community

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