Eclipse for Projects

We have covered this lightly in some other question sections, but launchpads can bring a tonne of value to launching projects.

Here are some (this is not even including the support when going through the accelerator):

Marketing support:

This is a powerful proposition, even to project who might already have their own marketing teams or agencies. The launchpad doesn't just offer the projects to the community, but also helps to promote, build up and educate. This means projects have good traction and focus going into launch.

Initial community bootstrapping including expanding the reach/exposure

This is the most important piece: Customers from day 1. This enables a project to launch and acquire a whole base of users in one hit, who have invested so have skin in the game to get involved and help to promote. It also enables an expansion of reach, as a launchpad such as Eclipse can draw users and communities in from far and wide.

Fundraising from public investors:

Building and scaling decentralised applications and chains is expensive and runway is very important for projects to survive and thrive especially in a bear market. Eclipse Pad helps a project raise additional funds to build out their vision.

Token distribution contracts:

Eclipse Pad can help projects distribute their token from genesis, through vesting contracts to distribute the tokens. This will all be all timed strategically with the set up of the liquidity pool to ensure a smooth launch.

Help with initial liquidity:

This is a key thing that many projects can get wrong, which is timing and seeding the liquidity pools in line with the launch. Eclipse helps to advise on how that should take shape.

At Eclipse Pad models are also being developed to help projects more easily seed their launch liquidity pools without needing to provide a large amount of liquidity upfront.

Introductions to exchanges, market makers, and VC exposure:

This is done more in-depth in the accelerator, but by proxy, launchpads attract a lot of strategic contacts you watch the projects launching. This can lead to strategic exposure and introductions for projects.

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